Windows Update Error 0X80070002 {Solved}



Due to a missing or corrupted file in the database, the Windows update error 0X80070002 normally occurs after the update has been downloaded.

Windows Update is a Microsoft service that downloads and instals software updates from the internet automatically in a machine. These updates provide a variety of system functions, including the most recent security fixes, new features, and more.


Error Code 0X80070002 In Windows 10 Causes

The principal reasons of this issue can all be categorised as being related to the Windows Update package that was obtained over the internet. The machine is unable to load or verify Windows Update files.

During installation, the system has trouble sending all of the files from the source.
The system’s default security provider has been changed, either automatically or manually.

The default system load’s Drive partition has been modified or replaced with another.
How to Fix Error 0X80070002 in Windows Update

Normally, error code 0X80070002 can be resolved using a variety of approaches, but only the most efficient and straightforward ones have been mentioned in this article. Because all of the solutions have the same end result, try out the ones that best fit your preferences.

Method 1: Double-check The Time and Date Settings

Many users have long scoffed at this method, claiming that it is neither realistic nor useful in combating update-related issues.

Unfortunately, these users are unaware that the system’s time and date synchronise with the internet in order to sequence crucial computer activities. The system may now download exact data packages from the internet.

Follow these steps to sync your time and date with the internet’s time server:

Step 1: Right-click above the time and date notification in the windows screen’s bottom right corner.

Step 2: Make a decision “”Change the date/time.”

Step 3: Select “Under the Synchronize your clock section, click “Sync now.”

Step 4: It should be set after a few seconds.

To sync time and date, you’ll need an active internet connection.

Method 2: Modify The Windows Update Installation Files

What if there’s nothing wrong with the Windows Update procedure you’ve been doing, but it’s the process itself that’s failing because of corrupt files?

In this situation, the files must be correctly uninstalled or renamed in order to complete the operation without errors. To use this method successfully, follow the procedures outlined below.

Disable the Windows Update Service in the first place. The following procedure can be used to temporarily disable Windows Update Service until the latest version is installed.

Step 1: Go to the Start Menu and select Settings.

Step 2: Select the “Tab “Update & Security”

Step 3: Select “From the left-hand panel, select “Windows Update.”

Step 4: Select Advanced Options from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Go to the “Choose a date to restart later from the drop-down menu in the Pause until section of the “Pause updates” page.

Step 6: Turn on the computer again.

Check if Windows Update is installing or not by manually running it.

Method 3: Remove The Software Distribution Folder 

It’s critical to stop Update services before proceeding with this fix. Carefully follow the directions.

Step 1: Open the Start menu and type in “”cmd”

Step 2: Make sure you’re running it as an administrator.

Step 3: To stop Windows Update Service and Background Transfer Service, type the commands below one by one.

wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv
halt bits on the internet

Step 4: After each line, press Enter one by one.

Step 5: Navigate to the contents of the Software Distribution folder using the specified path.


Step 6: Delete all files and folders in the Software Distribution folder.

Step 7: Return to the Start menu and look for “”cmd”

Step 8: Make sure you’re running it as an administrator.

Step 9: To start Windows Update Service and Background Transfer Service, type the commands below one by one.

wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv wuauserv
start bits on the internet

Step 10: Restart the computer by pressing Enter. The system should automatically re-download the deleted data.

Method 4: Restart The Windows Update Service 

Step 1: Open the start menu and type in “”Professional services.”

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the page and look for the “”Windows Update” is the name of the service.

Step 3: Select the name using the right-click menu and select “”Begin.”

Step 4: Turn on the computer again.

This should enable the system’s updates to be installed automatically.

Method 5: Use The Troubleshooter For Windows Updates

The Windows Troubleshooter is a Microsoft Windows function that allows users to automatically detect and repair common problems without having to do any manual work. To use the troubleshooter, follow these steps.

1. Using the Internet

Step 1: Go to the link and click it.

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the page and click on the “”Check for Windows updates” is a button that you can use.

Step 3: On the pop-up box, select OK.

Step 4: If updates are available, install them.

This will check for updates and tell the user if any are available.

The process necessitates an active internet connection.

2. Use of the Internet

Step 1: Select Settings from the Start menu.

Step 2: Select the “Tab “Update & Security”

Step 3: Make a decision “From the left-hand panel, select “Troubleshoot.”

Step 4: Select the Get up and running option from the Getup and running section “”Update Windows” is an option.

Step 5: Select “”Go ahead and run the troubleshooter.”

Step 6: Allow the troubleshooter to complete its task and display the results. It will resolve any issues that are discovered.

Step 7: Reboot the computer.

This is the simplest option, which takes no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

Method 4: Use Registry Editor

The registry, which is essentially a database that holds information for low-level settings needed by many apps on the system, is part of the Windows Operating System.

The database files may become corrupted at times, disrupting the system’s usual operation. The registry files can be repaired to fix this.

Only an experienced administrator should attempt this patch, as it has the potential to radically modify the way your system works.

Step 1: Open the Start menu and type in “”Regedit” is a command that allows you to change Alternatively, hit Windows Key + R to enter the Run window and type in “There’s a “regedit” command there.

Step 2: Open the Registry Editor app and go to the following location.

HKEY LOCAL MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Windows Update > Auto Update HKEY LOCAL MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Windows Update > Auto Update

Step 3: Go to AU Options and check the value to make sure it’s 0 and not 1, which means Auto Updates are disabled.

Step 4: You may also make an OS update key. Select an option from the drop-down menu when you right-click on an empty field “”New.”

Step 5: Make a decision “Value of DWORD (32-bit)”.

Step 6: Right-click it again and select Modify.

Step 7: Rename the Value field to “AllowOSUpgrade” is checked, and the value data is set to 1.

Step 8: Click Ok after selecting the Hexadecimal option.

Step 9: Turn on the computer again.

Auto Updates should now be operational, and any available Windows updates will be downloaded and installed automatically.


The Windows Update Error 0x80070002 is a common yet persistent error that users may encounter if it is not addressed correctly. For users with less technical knowledge, fixing this problem gets more difficult.

As a result, this essay offers basic yet effective solutions to this problem in the long run. The solution to Error Code 0X80070002 is pretty simple.

Users should not be alarmed because the problem is primarily caused by software problems. In contrast to hardware faults, it also relieves the consumer of any financial investment in resolving this issue.

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