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AppValley is one of the top-rated app alternatives to the Apple store, with over 1300 users. Many programmes that are not available in the Apple app store or that are paid can be downloaded.

You can download apps that do not require jailbreaking as well as apps that are restricted by country. It also includes apps that have been changed or modified according to user preferences.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android, and it does not require an Apple ID to download apps. There are AppValley rivals that have interesting features and apps.


AppValley Top 8 Favorite Apps

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It is a free programme that allows you to download an endless number of apps and games. It, like many other app installation apps, provides a search box for finding apps and games, as well as information about the apps you want to download.

The apps can also be shared through the air app. In addition to the app description, the interface includes a search function for the app on Apple’s app store.

All of the apps you’ve downloaded can be found in the download folder, and the apps you’ve collected can be found in the collection folder.

2. AppCake

AppCake has a vast variety of programmes and games, including several unofficial and altered applications. The majority of paid programmes in the Apple app store may be downloaded for free from this site.

Torrents may be used for quick installation and downloads, and it has a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and searching.

When it comes to the app’s security, there is no need to jailbreak the smartphone. You don’t need an Apple ID to install the software, so it’s secure to use, and it gets regular updates to keep viruses and malware at bay.

3. PandaApp

PandaApp supports both iOS and Android and allows you to download thousands of programmes and games. It includes a variety of unique programmes, including Cydia tweaks, emulators, media apps, and much more.

It offers a user-friendly UI. You can use the search box to find games and apps quickly and effortlessly download them. The app library is often updated, and the platform is regularly updated with new apps and games.

The cracked premium programmes that require payment to use are also available for free on the app.

4. AppBrain

AppBrain is a powerful programme similar to AppValley and a Google Play Store alternative. It comes with a plethora of features and apps that you can download right to your device.

You can access Google Play files and download programmes, and the app also provides a number of filtering options for the apps you’re looking for, giving the impression of a user-friendly design.

The app contains all of the information about the application, including the price if it is purchased. You have the option of granting permission or not.

5. MoboMarket

MoboMarket is an asset equivalent for your smartphone since it allows you to find and download programmes and games, manage files and folders, and change the look of your phone.

It also aids in data transfer between devices and is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. You may sort the apps based on a variety of factors, including area, category, and app popularity.

Furthermore, the app offers a basic user interface that allows you to operate your phone with ease. It not only allows you to download apps, but it also assists you in managing your phone and optimising its functionality.

It also gives you app recommendations based on your previous downloads. You may send and receive messages directly from your PC, which is a useful function.

6. Fossdroid

Fossdroid has the appearance of a conventional play store, and you will undoubtedly have a similar experience. “Search Application” allows you to look for applications.

When you tap the app, all of the information about it shows, including a review, a description, the most recent update, and screenshots.

For apps and games, Fossdroid is backed to some extent by F-Droid. It organises data in its own way, and, like the Google Play Store, it organises and displays data based on app popularity.

The software is neatly organised and has a straightforward and easy-to-use user interface. For simple access, all of the apps and games are organised into categories. It is one of the most popular open source Android applications.

7. ACMarket

Individuals all over the world use ACMarket to obtain cracked games and software. It works with Android smartphones and allows for quick and easy installation and download of apps.

It has incredible features that make downloading and using it a breeze. New apps are often added to the app in order to provide the finest features to users. The new versions of the apps are available as soon as they are released.

The user interface is also rather nice, and downloading is simple and quick. The app is simple and intuitive to use. You may install the programme without having to go through any complicated steps.

It provides feedback options in case you want the software to be improved or new content added.

8. DropApps

AppsDrop features a wide selection of Android apps, ranging from the most recent to the highest rated. It offers high-quality Android apps.

It functions as a search engine, with experts recommending programmes based on their quality. It works differently than other app stores, and the apps are rated by mobile enthusiasts, making it easier to find the finest app.

This software is only available for Android users. It provides consumers with a variety of cracked games and premium software. If you have any problems with this software, there is a dedicated community of users and specialists who can assist you.


AppValley is a popular software for downloading games and apps, and its like apps are just as useful. They have fantastic qualities that you should think about.

Many programmes are only available for Android, while others are only available for iOS. However, many apps are suitable for both. Many apps offer free material as well as paid subscriptions.

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