What Is Chrome://Components And How To Update Components Using It



What exactly is Chrome:/Components? Because of its efficiency, speed, and security, Google Chrome is one of the most popular online browsers. We can easily launch it because it is open-source. We can also use it with any operating system. Chrome updates are developed and delivered on a regular basis, featuring new features.

Normally, the update procedure takes place in the background. However, there may be difficulties with Chrome upgrades from time to time, resulting in errors while using the browser.

The problem could be related to a Chrome browser update or one of Chrome’s components. This article explains how to update individual Chrome components using Chrome:/Components.


If the current Google Chrome update has not been installed automatically, the user can quickly do so. Select “Help” and then “About Google Chrome” from the Chrome menu’s three-dot symbol.

Alternatively, type “Chrome:/Chrome” and press Enter in the address box. The available updates will be shown in the new tab or window. To install it, click the Relaunch button.

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Components Page in Chrome

Despite the fact that the Chrome browser is up to date, there may be issues. When using Chrome, the user may get a “component not updated” error. When Chrome’s components aren’t updated, this error occurs. In this situation, we’ll have to manually update each component.

Chrome components aren’t add-ons; they’re essential to the browser’s operation. The following are some of the components:

PNaCl: This is a technology that allows native code to execute in a browser.

Recovery: We use this to fix any Chrome installation or update. Adobe Flash Player is a necessary tool for viewing and playing internet content such as videos and games.

Widevine Content Decryption Module: This utility is required to run a variety of internet services, such as video streaming, such as Netflix.

The components listed above, as well as many more, assist the browser in performing many of its activities, allowing the user to access a wide range of material, apps, and services through the browser.

If certain components have not been updated, you may see the “component not updated” message when using any Chrome function. Go to the components page to manually update the Chrome components.

In the address bar, type “chrome:/components” and press Enter. On this page, we’ve listed all of Chrome’s components. Click the “Check for updates” button for each one to see whether it needs to be updated.

Then we must restart Chrome. The “component not updated” problem will be resolved, and you will be able to utilise the browser to its full potential.


As a result, this article has covered the nature of Google Chrome:/Components and how to keep them up to date. We normally don’t have to bother about Chrome upgrades because they happen automatically in the background.

Update-related issues are not uncommon, and we may need to manually update Chrome or its components. When a Chrome error occurs, the first thing we should do is make sure the browser is up to date.

If you’ve already upgraded it, the issue could be one of the components. In this scenario, go to the components page and change each component individually, as indicated. This essay should have been of assistance in this regard.

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