How To Fix ‘ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED’ in Chrome


The “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” error is a common issue that Google Chrome users encounter while browsing the internet. This error indicates that Chrome has detected a change in the network configuration, which disrupts the connection to the website you are trying to access.

Understanding the causes of this error and knowing how to resolve it can help restore normal browsing functionality. This detailed article explores the causes of the “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” error, its implications, and provides comprehensive solutions to fix it.


Understanding the “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” Error

The “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” error appears in Google Chrome when the browser detects a change in the network configuration.

This can happen for various reasons, including changes in the IP address, DNS settings, or network hardware. The error message typically reads, “Your connection was interrupted. A network change was detected. ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED.”

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Common Causes of the “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” Error

Several factors can contribute to this error:

  1. IP Address Conflict: Changes in the IP address assigned to your device can lead to this error.
  2. DNS Issues: Problems with the DNS server settings or cache can disrupt network connectivity.
  3. Network Hardware Changes: Changes in network hardware, such as routers or modems, can cause this error.
  4. Network Configuration Changes: Changes in network configuration settings can lead to connectivity issues.
  5. Browser Cache and Cookies: Corrupted or outdated browser cache and cookies can interfere with network connections.
  6. Software Conflicts: Conflicts with network-related software, such as VPNs or antivirus programs, can cause this error.

How to Fix ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED in Chrome

In this article we have provided you with the best solutions to fix the Err_Network_Changed on your Chrome. Go though the article to find out them.

Method 1: Restart your Modem

Our first solution of this error code which will help you to fix the error code is to restart the modem. Most of the times, the simplest method of restarting the modem can simply help you to fix the issue ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED from to Chrome browser.

It may be possible that your Chrome browser is having the network issues because of any technical issue having in your modem.

This network issue from your router can be fixed by just restarting the modem. Then have a look if this method has fixed the issue. If not solved then move to the next solution.

Method 2: Flush the DNS and Reset TCP/IP

Our next simple method is to Flush off the DNS and reset the TCP/IP. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to do so –

Step 1: First of all you have to launch the Command Prompt. You can search for this by putting the command ‘cmd’ and then hit the Enter key to open command prompt.

Step 2: Now put the below mentioned command and don’t forget to hit the Enter key after each command –

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

Step 3: Launch your Admin Command Prompt for once again and put the below mentioned command and don’t forget to hit the Enter key after each command –

ipconfig /flushdns

nbtstat –r

netsh int ip reset

netsh winsock reset

netsh int ip reset

Step 4: Finally restart your device for once to make the changes effective and check if the issue has resolved.

Method 3: Clear Browsing Data in Chrome

The next method which you can try is to clear the browsing data from your Chrome browser. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to do so –

Step 1: First of all press combination of keys Ctrl+H to open the history.

Step 2: Then select the option Clear browsing data present in the left panel.

Step 3: Check if you have selected the “beginning of time”. It must be selected.

Step 4: You also have to mark a tick in the below mentioned steps –

Browsing history

Download history

Cookies and other sire and plugin data

Cached images and files

Autofill form data


clear chrome history since the beginning of time

Step 5: Then clear all the browsing data from your browser and wait till it finishes.

Step 6: Now close the Chrome browser then restart your device. Open the browser again and check if the issue has resolved by doing so.

Method 4: Use Google DNS

Our next method is to use the Google DNS to fix the issue. Follow us he steps to do so –

Step 1: First of all open the settings of Open Network & Internet by right-clicking on the taskbar then click on that settings.

Step 2: From the settings app which is opened, select the option Change adapter present at right panel.

Step 3: Now right-click on that network which you have to configure then select option Properties.

Step 4: Select the IPv4 i.e. Internet Protocol Version 4 from list then select option Properties.

Step 5: Select option ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ present below the General tab then input the below mentioned DNS addresses –

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

Step 6: Now select OK option present at the below side of window in order to apply the changes.

Step 7: Restart your device for once to make the changes effective. Check if the issue has resolved now by doing so. If not then try our next solution.

Method 5: Uncheck Proxy

If the other solutions are not working for you then our next solution is to uncheck the Proxy. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so –

Step 1: First of all launch the Internet Properties by pressing the combination of keys Windows + R then put command inetcpl.cpl.

Step 2: Now move to the Connections tab then click on the LAN settings.

Step 3: Uncheck on the option ‘Use a Proxy Server for your LAN’ then have a look if the “Automatically detect settings” is checked. It must be checked.

Step 4: Select OK option then click on Apply and restart your device for once. Check if the issue has resolved otherwise go for next one.

Method 6: Reinstall your Network Adapter Drivers

Next, you have to try to reinstall your network adapter drivers. Follow the steps to do so –

Step 1: Launch Device Manager by pressing the combination of keys Windows + R then put command devmgmt.msc and press Enter key.

Step 2: Then expand your Network Adapter to find out the name of network adapter.

Step 3: Note the name of adapter anywhere if something gets wrong.

Step 4: Then uninstall network adapter by right clicking on it.

Step 5: Click on OK/Yes option when if wants your confirmation.

Step 6: Restart your device for once and connect the network again.

Step 7: In case you are unable to connect with network then your driver software is not installed automatically.

Step 8: Now go to the website of your manufacturer then download driver from website.

Step 9: Install your driver then restart the device for once. It will help you to fix the error if not then try our last solution.

Method 7: Delete WLAN Profiles

If all other solutions failed to work then try our last solution which is to delete WLAN profiles. Follow the steps to do so –

Step 1: Search for the command ‘cmd’ then hit the enter key to launch Command Prompt.

Step 2: Now put the below mentioned command in cmd and press Enter key:

netsh wlan show profiles

Step 3: Then remove every profiles of WiFi by putting the command –

netsh wlan delete profile name=”[PROFILE NAME]”

Step 4: Go through every above steps for every profiles of Wifi then connect to Wifi again. Then check if this has worked for you.

Additional Tips to Prevent the “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” Error

  1. Regularly Update Software: Keep your operating system, browser, and security software up-to-date to prevent compatibility issues.
  2. Maintain System Health: Perform regular system maintenance tasks such as disk cleanup and defragmentation to ensure smooth operation.
  3. Monitor Network Performance: Use network monitoring tools to keep an eye on your network’s performance and identify any potential issues early.
  4. Secure Your Network: Use strong passwords for your Wi-Fi network and ensure your router firmware is up-to-date to prevent unauthorized access.

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The “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” error in Google Chrome can be a significant barrier to accessing websites, but it is generally resolvable through systematic troubleshooting.

By restarting your router and computer, flushing the DNS cache, resetting network settings, checking and updating network drivers, clearing browser cache and cookies, disabling proxy settings, disabling or uninstalling VPN and security software, changing DNS servers, and checking for Windows updates, you can effectively address the root causes of this error.

Regular system and network maintenance, combined with keeping your software up-to-date, can help prevent similar issues in the future, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience.

Good luck!