IDP.Generic – What It Is and How to Remove It

IDP.Generic - What It Is and How to Remove It

Many users who are using Windows has detected a virus named IDP.Generic in the files of their computer. The virus present in your device is detected by the antivirus that you are using.

It sends you a notification that it has detected a virus in your file which is infected with IDP.Generic. It can infect various files present in your device as it doesn’t infect any specific kind of file.

We can take an example that it has been reported in games files as well as in python files by many users. There is use a variety of antivirus which can detect this virus as there is no specific antivirus to detect it.

It is almost known to everyone that if the antivirus has detected any virus in your files, then it will cause errors for you while playing the games as well as using other files. That’s why it has been reported as an issue, and many users are irritated by it and want to get rid of this issue.

IDP.Generic - What It Is and How to Remove It

What is IDP.Generic?

The word IDP stands for Identity Protection which detects the virus present in your files. The file which has been detected is a generalized file. The files of your device get marked with a flag whenever a virus has been detected in them.

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Should I Ignore IDP.Generic?

We never recommend you to ignore any of the warnings which is given to you by your antivirus programs. When we are talking about IDP.Generic then you sometimes it is not positive but it’s not good to fully ignore it.

In such a case first of all you should make sure that the virus which your antivirus is detecting is true or not. You can use any other antivirus to check this or you can take the use of VirusTotal.

To check it, you have to click here and then select the Choose file option then click on the files that are flagged by your antivirus. Have a look if it is also flagging the same files or not. In case if it is not flagging those files then you can ignore it and also make your files in the whitelist.

We recommend you to update your antivirus programs in such case. In case if the VirusTotal has also flagged those files then you should not ignore it you should scan fully with the help of antivirus.

Causes of IDP.Generic Alerts

The IDP.Generic warning can be triggered by various factors:

1. Outdated Antivirus Software

Using outdated antivirus software can often lead to false positives. Antivirus databases need regular updates to distinguish accurately between benign and malicious files.

2. Infected Files

The warning could legitimately indicate the presence of malware in files that are commonly used across different applications, which may not necessarily appear malicious initially.

3. System Vulnerabilities

Sometimes, vulnerabilities within the system can be exploited by malware, leading to such generic alerts.

4. Third-Party Software

Certain legitimate third-party software applications may perform actions that mimic malicious behavior, triggering the IDP.Generic alert.

How to Remove IDP.Generic

If your antivirus has flagged something as IDP.Generic, follow these steps to address the issue:

Solution 1: Update Your Antivirus Software

  • Step 1: Ensure your antivirus is up-to-date with the latest virus definitions.
  • Step 2: Perform a full system scan to detect and remove any genuinely malicious software.

Solution 2: Verify the Alert

  • Step 1: Investigate the flagged file or program. If it’s a file or program you recognize and trust, research to see if other users have reported similar alerts.
  • Step 2: Use an online virus scan tool like VirusTotal to check the file with multiple antivirus engines.

Solution 3: Restore False Positives

  • Step 1: If you determine the detection was a false positive, you can restore the file from quarantine within your antivirus program.
  • Step 2: Add an exception for the file in your antivirus software to prevent future alerts.

Solution 4: Remove Identified Malware

  • Step 1: If the file is confirmed to be malicious, allow your antivirus software to clean, quarantine, or delete the file.
  • Step 2: After removal, restart your computer and perform another scan to ensure all traces of the malware are gone.

Solution 5: Update Affected Software

  • Step 1: If a particular program keeps causing the IDP.Generic alert, check for updates for that program. Developers may have released patches to fix the issue causing the false detection.
  • Step 2: Install the latest updates and monitor to see if the issue persists.

Solution 6: System Restore

  • Step 1: If you suspect that your system’s security is compromised, consider performing a system restore to a point before the issue started, if possible.
  • Step 2: Ensure your data is backed up before performing a system restore to avoid data loss.

What Should I Do If I Find A False Positive?

In such cases, the first step which you must do is take out your files from the virus vault because it can get blocked by the antivirus programs. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

Step 1: First of all you have to open the Avast antivirus application.

Step 2: Then click on the Protection option.

Step 3: Now click on the Avast virus chest.

Step 4: Then find your file and right-click on it.

Step 5: Now restore your file from the virus chest.

The steps that we have provided above can also be used for other antivirus programs as all of them have virus vault and have the feature to restore the files present in them.

How to IDP.Generic Avast Trojan Virus

As we know that prevention is better than cure that’s why first of all you should try to prevent the virus before it affect your device. To prevent the virus, you must try to download all your software only from the official and featured websites and use a direct link to download it.

There may be many other channels of tools which may present there but you should not use them. Updated software are also necessary to prevent any kind of malware from your device. Make sure that you are updating your software from a trusted or official Website.

Also, avoid opening of the emails which you have received from any unknown or spam address. Avoid using such cracking tools that bypass paid activation as they are illegal and may carry some malware in your device.

You should always use trusted antivirus software in your device to prevent viruses. In case your device has been affected by viruses then you must try to run a scan with Malwarebytes to detect the malware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions may arise in your mind related to IDP.Generic which we have tried to answer here.

Question 1: What is IDP.Generic warning?

Answer: The most simple answer is IDP.Generic is a warning which you get when there is any virus present which is infecting your files. But sometimes the Antivirus flagged some of the good files which are not affected by the virus due to any issue in them.

Question 2: Why my antivirus is showing IDP.Generic threat for games?

Answer: Sometimes your game is not infected by virus but still they are unaffected. Some Antivirus such as Avast can examine your application as threat as some of the user’s personal information gets used by them.

Question 3: How to stop IDP.Generic warnings?

Answer: You can stop this warning with just a very simple step. What you have to do is just move your files which are totally harmless into the whitelist and also you have to update your Antivirus on time as an outdated antivirus may arise some issues.

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We have provided you with all the effective methods on how you can get rid of the issue IDP.Generic. It will work for you to solve the issue. We recommend you to follow the methods in the series which we have provided.

We have also tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions which will be helpful for you. We hope you will be satisfied with our article.