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Manga is a term used to describe Japanese comic novels. It is an essential component of Japanese culture. It was a late-nineteenth-century fashion trend. Action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, historical, horror, romance, sci-fi, tragedy, and more genres are all represented in manga.

Manga is traditionally read from right to left in Japan. It is well-liked by people of all ages. Many of these sites, such as MangaStream, provide free translations of Japanese literature into English for the benefit of the readers.

Manga Stream is a digital comic database that provides English-language translations of Japanese comics. They were both easy to find and free. Mangastream, which has been one of the most popular scanlators for the past decade, has lately been shut down.


Manga comics are typically only available in Japanese, thus websites such as Manga Stream are required to translate them into English. Mangastream, one of the most popular manga scanlation sites on the Internet, appears to have shut down.

For the time being, the site has been taken down, as has its official Twitter account. While no formal announcement was made in conjunction with the decision.

We can confirm that the Japanese distributor Shueisha had filed a lawsuit against the site in a US court earlier this year. MangaStream is one of the best sites to read manga online for free.

Mangastream Alternatives

Take a look.

1. MangaFreak

MangaFreak is a popular manga comics platform that is similar to MangaStream. It has a similar user interface as JustDubs. The website provides users with a brief overview of the manga as well as the current reading status.

Manga Freak also provides a library where you can look for finished or unfinished comics. There are also a number of manga comics available, including Naruto, Boruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

Action, adventure, humour, drama, fantasy, history, horror, romance, sci-fi, tragedy, and other genres are available on the Manga Freak website.

2. MangaReader

Mangareader is a programme that allows you to read manga that you have saved on your computer. You can read manga on this site in a single page view or an all-pages view, and instantly advance to the next or previous chapter.

Manga reader also works with a web browser, allowing you to download all of the manga pages. To determine their score, many Manga fans perform a rice purity test. They offer excellent content in a simple format.

3. Anime Town

Manga Town offers a wide range of genres, including Romance, Comedy, Shoujo, Vampire, Horror, Seinen, Youkai, Adventure, and Harem, among others.

It also has all of the most recent comics, all of which are available for free. You’ll be able to look through the manga list, new versions, genres, and random mangas on this site.

4. KissManga

KissManga is the largest manga directory, with over ten thousand manga titles available. They have mangas with excellent graphic quality that are updated daily. You’ll also be notified when a new chapter is released, as well as manga listings.

You may also share them with your contacts using KissManga. Kiss Manga allows the user to shift the reading orientation of the viewer from left to right, right to left, or left to right. You may also give your essential feedback and inquiries using it.

5. Anime Fox

The Manga Fox website, like Manga Town, offers a variety of manga comics in many genres. MangaFox can be accessed without requiring registration or money.

Here, comics are divided into numerous categories to make it easier for readers to find them. You can also search for new manga versions and genres. You may find a wide range of comics on this website.

6. Comixology

Comixology is a publication owned by Amazon. It’s a cloud-based digital comic website that’s free to use. It works on iOS, Web, and Android devices. Comixology sells and publishes comic books. For quick access, you can download the portable application.

Comixology is a fantastic platform for comic book fans. Comixology allows you to read all of your favourite manga in English, regardless of what device you’re using. You can tailor your search preferences to your preferences.

One of them is Comixology, a must-visit website for all comic book fans. It is considered one of the greatest sites like MangaStream because of all of its features.

7. Reborn Manga

MangaReborn is a freshly founded website that is steadily gaining traction among comic book fans. Manga Reborn is one of those sites that aims to spread the word about obscure mangas all over the world.

It enables you to communicate with other members in order to obtain unknown titles or character information.

8. Panda Manga

You can use your Smartphone, Tablet, or PC to view the Manga Panda website. You’ll find comics in a wide range of genres, including Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Thriller, and more.

MangaPanda is a completely free and simple-to-use website. Despite the benefits, you may encounter advertisements and pop-ups, which can be annoying. You may read comics in both English and Japanese on Manga Panda.

9. Mangaeden

Mangaeden is a straightforward and user-friendly website. There are about 9300 manga comics on the site. MangaStream’s inward quest feature allows you to narrow down your search results and find the most relevant manga comics.

Mangaeden is a well-organized website that gives information such as the number of followers, chapters, and so on.

10. VizMedia

VizMedia is a completely free app with in-app purchases. It is free for Android and iOS devices, but you may need to purchase a subscription plan if you want to read them on a PC.

VizMedia is a well-designed website that has been providing English-speaking fans throughout the world with the best in manga, anime, and global entertainment for over thirty years.

They also include current hits like Sailor Moon, One Punch Man, and Tokyo Ghoul, as well as oldies like Dragon Bal, Pokémon, and Naruto. For manga and anime fans, Viz Media is regarded as an e-reader and library.

11. Mangakakalot

Mangakakalot is another user-friendly Manga Stream option. If you’re new to manga reading, you’ll need some guidance on where to start. Mangakakalot is one such website where you may get finished mangas. Mangakakalot is recognised for its lightning-fast uploads.

12. Read Comics on The Internet

You may read Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and other popular comics at Read Comics Online in addition to Manga. All of the comics are divided into several genres.

The comics are nicely sorted and subcategorized under numerous categories, making ReadComicsOnline extremely user-friendly. It transports the reader back in time and provides them with an entirely new experience.


Manga comics are enjoyed by people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. Manga Stream performed a crucial role by delivering tens of thousands of English-language comics. Manga Stream, on the other hand, was taken down for unknown reasons.

So, here are a few of the top Manga Stream alternatives. MangaStream and other similar sites aren’t quite the same as the manga stream, but they’re a near substitute.

All of these MangaStream alternatives offer manga comics in a variety of genres, including Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Thriller, and many more.

The best part about all of these MangaStream alternatives is that they are all free (for the most part), high-quality, and exclusive manga comics.

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