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People enjoy watching films and television shows. It’s the ultimate source of entertainment, and the skill of storytelling is something that most people enjoy.

PrimeWire has been a key source for movie downloads, however not all movies are available. Other options like PrimeWire might let an individual discover the world of movies and television series.

Free Movies & TV Shows Streaming Sites 15 Top Alternatives to PrimeWire

Aside from PrimeWire, I’ve provided a list of 15 other options for watching your favourite TV episodes and movies.


1. Xmovies8

Like PrimeWire, Xmovies8 is a well-known movie streaming service. An application that provides an index of movies from video hosting sites and lets you watch them online for free is what this software is about.

Make your way through the archives or peruse the streamlined list of videos and select one to get additional information and access to view online links.

The genres of action, adventure, sci-fi and fighting are all represented here. There are titles to appreciate in each genre. Also included are features such as a scheduling area, chat, a comment section that allows users to leave feedback, and HD content.

2. 123Movies

One of the most popular websites for watching movies is 123Movies, which has the greatest movie library in the globe. It allows you to watch high-definition movies. An easy-to-navigate website with a wide selection of the most recent, trending, and popular movies is available on this site.

Movies can be sorted by genre, year, and country using this feature. Action, romance, drama, family, and horror are just a few of the many genres to choose from. There are a variety of video formats that can be streamed on any device.

You can also use the search bar to find whatever you need in a matter of seconds. You may also watch TV shows on the site. Consequently, the site has everything a streamer might possibly want. Everything you need is here.

3. Movies4k

Movies4k is a free and easy-to-use movie streaming website that allows you to watch HD movies without registering. Films from many genres are available on the site’s excellent layout, making it simple for anyone to select a film and begin watching.

For starters, it claims to have the best streaming speed and to offer a diverse selection of movies and TV series in multiple languages.

To make it easier to find the movie you want, Movies4k organises its collection into categories and sorts the films by year, actors, and countries. In addition, you may quickly find movies and TV shows using its search box.

If the content you’re looking for isn’t already there, you can submit a request to have it added. More than 50 000 movies are available for streaming, with new releases added on a regular basis.

Movie4k also supports a variety of languages and provides movies in various resolutions and quality levels, as well as a slew of featured titles.

4. Movies4

Movie25 is a high-definition movie streaming software that lets you watch all kinds of movies and television episodes.

You can use this software to watch full-length HD movies on a daily basis. As far as genres are concerned, there are a plethora of options to pick from. There are a tonne of movies and television shows in each genre.

Additionally, Movie25 does not require registration, and it is completely free and ad-free. IMDb rating, sort by actors, years or nation, categories, and news are the site’s most important features.

5. SolarMovie

This is a compilation of the best and most high-quality movies. Streaming and downloading of the movie are made simple with this handy tool. On the first page of the user-friendly online interface, there is a free video movie search framework.

Using its search box, customers only need to enter the name of the film they want to watch and have immediate access to that video. It’s also possible to search for the best or most recently released video movies, too.

In addition, SolarMovie promotes a variety of categories, the most notable of which are new video releases, HD video releases, the most well-known, the most recent, and upcoming releases of various kinds.

Additionally, there is a remark space from where different audits and opinions can be read.

6. Viooz

Full-length movies may be streamed and downloaded for free on Viooz, one of the many free online movie streaming services like PrimeWire. You may find anything from action and adventure to comedy and family fare to history and horror to war and politics on this site.

Session and Episode wise shows are also available on Viooz, which streams TV shows as well. No registration is required, and the site’s interface is straightforward and easy to use.

With a huge database, regular updates with new movies, descriptions of each film and an easy-to-use search box, it’s free for everyone to use.

7. vicissitudes

In addition to watching free movies and TV episodes on Vidics, you can also learn more about the film and your favourite actors. If you wish to watch movies online, you’ll need Flash Player or DivX Player installed.

Slow loading and buffering of the movie is the only problem Vidics has. A poor internet connection or a very high-quality print of a TV episode or movie could be the blame. The names and genres of movies and television shows can be searched for.

The Vidics has two distinctive portions, the new section and the schedule section, both of which are quite important. In the new area, you can learn about future films, while in the schedule section, you can find out when your favourite series and movies are airing and when they’ll be available for purchase.

8. Stream TV Shows

You may watch the most recent episodes of all your favourite TV shows on WatchSeriesTV.com, a popular video streaming site.

Using the web-based application, you may not only view the most recent episodes, but you can also go back in time and watch past episodes that you may have missed or want to watch again.

In addition to the most recent and oldest episodes of major television shows, the collection includes the entire season for each show. It also includes two ways to find what you’re looking for.

Its primary function is to go through categories with a wide range of choices and make use of the advanced search bar. Enter the show’s name, tag, etc. into the search bar.

Sorting by date, views, and favourites are just a few of the possibilities available. Additional advantages of Watch Series TV include the opportunity to request a certain episode if it is not available, post your favourite episode on social networking platforms, and so on.

9. Niter

To watch and download movies, Niter is one of the best services like PrimeWire. The Watch Now button is all you need to do to watch your favourite film. After registering with Niter, users are able to upload, store, and view a variety of different sorts of video content.

In order to publish the film, the user first ensures that the content is legal and does not violate copyright. Because of the many alternatives, a large number of films may be easily found. As a result, Niter offers a wide range of possibilities to its users.

10. The ZMovies

In addition to PrimeWire, ZMovies is a free site that allows you to stream unlimited high-definition movies. No registration is required to watch movies on this site. It features the widest selection of films in the globe.

Using a search box, you can enter a movie title or tag to locate what you’re looking for, or you can browse through other genres (Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, etc.). It also permits you to place a request with an email address, in case of no availability of content.

11. Movie2k

Movie2k is a streaming service that offers high-definition movies in their entirety. You may find and watch a full-length movie without the annoyance of ads on this site. Classic and contemporary films from throughout the world can be found here.

Explore its categories and genres, sort movies by country names or years or go to its top bar sections or use its search box where you can enter the name of a movie or a tag to locate your favourites.

Other features include an A-Z list, feature titles, amazing recommendations, the ability to watch movies in varying quality, as well as the ability to make requests.

12. MovieFlixter

Watching movies on MovieFlixter is not only completely free but also completely ad-free. HD movies are available for free. It offers movie streaming links for its customers.

You can search for your favourite film in a variety of ways. You can type the title of a movie into the search field to quickly find it. As a last alternative, there are new releases, the best movies of the year, and many more to choose from. A lot of people like it.

13. Watcher of Movies

On MovieWatcher, you can both watch and download high definition movies for free. Films of high quality are shown on the site, and visitors can access streaming places. In order to view HD movies for free, it relies on external video-sharing websites and gathers them in one location.

Users can browse by genre, year, actor, star rating, release date, or title with ease thanks to the site’s user-friendly interface. In addition, the best part is that its services are not just available on the desktop.

14. Free TV

Free TV episodes and movies can be found at Movie4u.com. For free, the users can search for and view the most recent TV episodes and movies. In addition to being able to watch as many movies and TV series as you desire, the website is free of hacking methods or spam.

Everything, whether it’s a TV show or a movie, is free. You may watch movies for free on Movie4u since there are no ads to distract you while you watch.

15. The Movies Online

Putlocker is a website where you can watch movies for free. Without registering, you can access information, watch, and download a movie for free. Putlocker9 is one of the many sites featured in this collection of videos. In HD quality, you may watch full-length movies on the platform.

The design makes it simple for consumers to select the movie they want in a matter of seconds. There is a brief summary of each film’s plot and characters, as well as the film’s rating and release date. You can also share your thoughts about the film.

The Putlocker features two specific sections: the TV schedule and the requests.. The TV schedule area provides you with all the information you need to know about the programmes that are now running.

You can make a request for any movie or TV show that is not already available on Putlocker in the request section.


Several websites, such as PrimeWire, allow you to watch your preferred TV episodes and movies. You don’t have to sign up for any of them, and most of them are free.

Other than that, some don’t have ads or any kind of instructions at all! As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite TV show or movie without being interrupted. You can’t get any better at watching TV and movies over the internet.

Online movie and TV show viewing is fairly prevalent, and it is possible to do so without encountering any additional difficulties or limits if you know where to look.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 sites and services that are similar to PrimeWire. Watch your favourite series and movies on the listed sites.

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