10 Best Sarahah Alternatives to Receive Constructive Feedback



Sarahah is a tool for anonymously soliciting feedback on the performance of coworkers or acquaintances.

Connecting with our friends and acquaintances in this way will help us better understand each other’s perspectives.

It’s a messaging programme that allows users to send and receive messages immediately after they are seen by the other party.

Employers and employees can use this app to express gratitude, encouragement, and other forms of feedback. The sender of the message is not identified. Anyone with an Android or iOS device can get this software.


The 10 Best Sarahah Replacements for Getting Helpful Criticism

Like Sarahah, a number of other services provide users with an anonymous social networking option. This article includes a list of the ten greatest alternatives to each of those.

1. Spout

It is a location-based messaging software that is completely anonymous. You’ll be able to share your thoughts, feelings, and views with others via this app.

Apps for Android and iOS are supported by this app. Spout does not need a user to create a profile in order to communicate, allowing the sender of the message to express themselves without fear or limits.

2. Lipsi

Lipsi is a texting programme that is similar to WhatsApp. Until they divulge their identify, the sender of the communication stays anonymous. Connect with folks within a certain distance with this location-based app.

You can send and receive messages without having to be added to a contact list with this app. A year after its release, this app is still atop the free app rankings.

3. Stubborn Conversation

It is a texting programme that is free to use. This programme allows users to send and receive an unlimited number of messages while keeping the sender’s identity a secret.

Users can freely express their thoughts, feelings, and even their most private secrets without fear of being judged by others or having their identities revealed.

Chatting with others can be done under any name that the user chooses. Sending a message will also cause it to be deleted in 24 hours. Using this app is 100% risk free.

4. Swiflie

Swiflie is a social media app that allows users to upload, view, and share their thoughts and ideas. The nice aspect is that none of this necessitates disclosing your identify.

Even better, you can leave anonymous comments or likes on other people’s posts. Both Android and iOS devices can use this programme. You can share photos, videos, and GIFs in addition to text messages with this software.

5. Whisper

Whisper is a new software that was released in March of this year. It’s an Android and iOS software for anonymous messaging.

Users can send and receive text messages, as well as multimedia files like videos and photographs. We get the sense of secrecy from the name alone.

Messages, views, advice, and the like are all freely exchanged without revealing the true identify of the sender. The app’s users don’t have to worry about being misunderstood by others.

6. Authentic

Candid, like the others, allows users to communicate anonymously with one another. You can utilise candid if you’re upset and want someone to listen to your feelings without disclosing their identify.

This programme allows its users to send an endless number of messages, and the recipient can immediately respond to any message they receive. This app can run on both Android and iOS smartphones.

7. Sayat

Like Sarahah, Sayat allows users to anonymously give feedback. The application’s user interface is extremely user-friendly. You have complete freedom to choose the name for your online persona.

Your gender and the nickname you choose are the only things others know about you. You can also post the feedback you’ve received on this app.

Commenting and like the posts of others is also possible for the members of the community. In terms of cost, it’s a no-brainer for Android or iOS users.

8. Under the radar

It’s a free app for texting. It is not well-known or popular among the general public. But despite this, there is an app like this and people are using it.

Users can engage in dialogue with one another on this platform. Every user has the ability to both upvote and downvote a post here.

They can raise a post’s profile in this way. An excellent user experience is provided by the application’s responsive and welcoming UI.

9. At the End of the Day

The name may provide you a clue as to what the product is all about. Every day, teenagers and students are forced to talk about their schoolwork, homework assignments, projects, and other such things.

Students will be able to seek support from the resource centre thanks to this app. The sender’s identity is also hidden by this application.

Since its first release in 2015, this software has been adopted by more than 20,000 schools across the United States.

10. Vent

With Vent, you’ll never be alone again. Using this software will allow you to meet new people and build new relationships. With Vent, you can talk to someone if you’re feeling lonely.

It’s an online messaging software where you may express your emotions, including fear, happiness, and humour, and do so with the help of other users across the world.

Vent’s premium account comes with a 7-day free trial, which you may use before deciding whether or not to upgrade to a paid plan.


Humans need to connect with others in order to thrive. Getting in touch with others can be accomplished via a variety of mediums.

However, there are times when we want to express our emotions to someone else without fear of being criticised or developing a personal relationship with that individual.

Apps that let you communicate anonymously may come in handy in these kind of situations. Listed here are the top ten Sarahah alternatives.

The only question remaining is whether or not you’d like to connect with unknown sensations and express your emotions. It doesn’t matter which app you use; just have fun!

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