The Growing Religious Fervor in the American Right



Joe Biden is slated to attend Palm Sunday mass at Holy Trinity in Georgetown to kick off the holiest week in the Christian calendar. Since Jimmy Carter, he is the most devoutly religious president.

This is just one more manner in which his presidency is retrograde in light of the decline of institutional religion. He leads a nation where atheism is more common than Catholicism or evangelical Christianity.

It’s true that American churches are closing, but unlike Europe, that trend hasn’t translated into a demonstrable decrease in American religiosity. It’s more common for American Christians to report praying and believing in God than their counterparts in Germany or Britain, and that’s among those who have stopped going to church.

The Growing Religious Fervor in the American Right

In other words, they no longer frequent churches or synagogues, but their religious impulse, which includes a search for truth and belonging, remains strong. Here you will find out the growing religious fervor in the American right. 

The Growing Religious Fervor in the American Right: ‘This Is a Jesus Movement’ (NYT)

April 6, 2022 They began with a prayer asking God to surround everyone in the deserted Phoenix parking lot with a “hedge of thorns and fire” to keep them safe.

Anyone with “inspirational remarks that they’d like to speak on behalf of our J-6 political prisoners,” those detained in connection with the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, whom they were honoring a year later, was given the microphone.

Then, with wax dripping from their candles, the small group of worshippers raised their voices in an a cappella rendition of a hymn beloved by millions of Christians who sing its words every Sunday from memory: “Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper Light in the darkness, my God That is who you are…” This was not a religious ceremony.

This was church as usual for a new kind of congregation: a religiously motivated political group on the political right whose members draw meaning from their participation in politics.

Since the Reagan administration, the Christian right has been a consistent part of the conservative movement in the United States, a trend that has reached its apex in the Trump administration.

And Christian traditions have always found a home at political events. Yet, the church was the main place where people went to worship God through ritualistic physical expressions of adoration like singing and praying.

Many Christians today bring the fervor, passion, and aspirations of their religious practice into the political arena. It’s not uncommon for people to report having spiritual experiences and a sense of contributing to the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth during gatherings held all around the United States. Their participation in right-wing politics is elevating the practice to a spiritual level.

Why a Group of Christians Is Fighting the Growing Threat of Christian Nationalism

Tyler, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, recognized, like many Christian leaders, that there were Christians present. Crosses of all sizes could be seen on flags, t-shirts, and even necklaces as protesters marched to the Capitol.

Protesters displayed signs stating “Jesus is my savior, Trump is my President” and “In God We Trust.” This article covers all the information about the growing religious fervor in the American right. Many in attendance viewed the assault on the Capitol to prevent certification of the 2020 election as a metaphorical conflict between good and evil from the Bible.

“helped fuel the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, uniting disparate actors and infusing their political cause with religious fervor,” Tyler testified on December 13 at a House Oversight subcommittee hearing, referring to Christian nationalism, a resurgent ideology that views the U.S. as a Christian country and whose proponents largely define American identity as exclusively white and Christian.

Since January 6, Christian nationalism has been increasingly widespread and popular, but this hearing was the first time anyone had been called to testify publicly on Capitol Hill about this issue.

Several other violent incidents, like the 18-year-manifesto old’s after he killed 10 Black customers at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, this year, can be traced back to this one.


Tyler, who describes Christian nationalism as a perversion of her faith, founded a grass-roots organization called Christians Against Christian Nationalism in 2019 as part of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, a nationwide advocacy group she leads that is focused on religious freedom.

She claims she was moved to launch the campaign after witnessing several disturbing events during the Trump administration, including the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 where protesters chanted “Jews will not replace us,” and the subsequent amplification of the ideology by conservative television pundits and some lawmakers who echoed the language of religious war and professed the need to “take back” the country from those who threaten a white Christian nation.

Tyler informed senators that Christian nationalism played a role in the 2015 massacre at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the 2018 shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the 2019 shooting at the Chabad of Poway near San Diego, California. Hope now you know about the growing religious fervor in the American right. 

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