5 Best Landscape Design Software In 2023



Which Landscape Design Software Should You Use, and What Should You Keep in Mind When Making Your Decision?

Architects and designers of landscapes rely on landscape design software to visualise their plans and set the foundations for their projects.

Considerations must be kept in mind when choose which landscape programme to utilise. To begin, it’s very likely that you’ll go with software that offers a free trial.


One can try out a variety of platforms before selecting the best fit for their needs. Second, the software’s compatibility with your device is an important consideration (s).

5 Best Landscape Design Software 

This is the place for you if you’ve been searching for the ideal landscape design match! We’ve gathered a list of some of the best landscape design tools on the market for your convenience.

1. SmartDraw 

Using this platform is one of the greatest ways to design landscapes. SmartDraw’s headquarters are located in Texas, USA, allowing its users to work on their ideas in a way that is easily accessible and shareable with others..

In addition, there is the option to create practically any structure, from a garden to a house or a commercial establishment. SmartDraw makes it easy to experiment with different designs because of the large number of templates it provides.

If you have a PC (iOS or Windows), an iPhone (iOS or Android), or a tablet (iOS or Android), you can use this app. Customers can also try it out completely for free before making a purchase.

2. VizTerra

As a part of Structure Studios, VizTerra enables users to develop landscape layouts in three-dimensional view. It is also possible to convert easily from 2D to 3D.

Using the “Smart Library,” you can add any 3D object, such as a tree or a piece of furniture. Video and photo options are also available for sharing your creation.

With this app, you may create a variety of landscapes with different budgets in mind, as well as design the landscapes at different levels.

3. PRO-Landscape-Design

This software was designed to help people come up with creative ways to boost their business’s profits.

It has a picture imaging feature that allows you to use genuine images of the area you’re creating as inspiration. A library of over 20,000 images can be used in one’s designs, as well.

There are additional 3D creation and lighting design options in addition to the scale-measuring feature.

If you like the free version, you can upgrade to the full version if you decide to continue using it. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the software you purchase.

4. iScape

All iOS users will enjoy this application. With a “envision and plan” tool specifically developed for Apple products, you can easily visualise your ideas. Your creation can be shared by clicking the “share” button.

With the app, you may shop for any goods (furniture, plants, flower pots) that appear in your designs. This function is exclusive to iScape.

5. DesignHome

This platform is ideal for those who enjoy the challenge of designing their own homes, as the name implies. Regardless of the type of land or lot, you can design a construction to fit it.

3000 different garden accessories are available to help you design your dream home. Adding water features and examining the final design before starting construction make it one of the top tools in its field, and it works on both Macs and Windows.

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We sincerely hope that this guide to landscape design software has been useful to you. You’ve got nothing to lose, really. Get started with one of these platforms and create the landscapes of your dreams!

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