Top ‘Video Editing Software’ In 2024

Video Editing Software

Video Editing Software is basically used to create post-production designs and edit raw footage in digital file formats. The main goal of video editing software is too attract viewers to notice a particular kind of product or item, which mainly depends on the person that creates the package.

Small businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs can utilize video editing skills to promote their brand to new heights. This can be achieved because these video editing software are very powerful tools that use various features to create extra-ordinary and unique videos that are guaranteed to attract a fanbase.

Video Editing Software


  • Selecting and combining shots into a sequence.
  • Rearranging, adding/removing clips of video or audio.
  • Applying color correction, filters, and enhancements.
  • Presenting a particular message through the video that serves a purpose.
  • Adding style, mood, and pace to the creation.

Although there are many more features available to video editing software, these are the ones that matter the most.

A well-produced video, not only increases the chance of that product to be recognized publicly but also attracts customers to buy that specific product almost like a bait every time they see it.  There are many free editing software available in the market, but this guide has featured only the best of them after vast research and surveys.

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Blender is a free 3D creation software suite. It supports advanced 3D editing such as modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing, and 2D animation pipeline too.

It is an open-source application which means that the original developer code is completely free and redistributable and also can be modified. Hence, users have the full right to tweak this particular application as they like in order to create personalized work. This editing application is one of the best out there.

Open-source here means,

  • The user is free to use Blender, for any purpose
  • The user is free to distribute Blender
  • The user can now study how Blender works and change it
  • The user can distribute changed versions of Blender


  1. Rendering
  2. Modeling
  3. Sculpting
  4. Animation and Rigging
  5. Grease Pencil
  6. VFX
  7. Simulation
  8. Pipeline
  9. Video Editing
  10. Scripting
  11. Interface


  1. Steep learning curve because of the open-source nature of the application.
  2. The workflow of the userbase is comparatively very low.

Blender is a good editing application, that is worth giving a shot.


Lightworks  which is a non-linear editing system (NLE) used for editing and mastering digital video is absolutely free and very powerful. It was initially developed in the late 1980s and has made much progress since then.

Lightworks operates across three platforms, namely in Windows, Mac, and Linux. The open-source version was released in May 2010. Since then this particular software has been a stellar editing software used by many including movie producers to product designers.

NOTE: The premium/professional version can be purchased by paying $24.99 or ₹1,833.65 per month.


  1. Low-Resolution Proxy workflow options for 4K developments.
  2. Exporting videos for YouTube/Vimeo, SD/HD, up to 4K resolutions.
  3. Grade sequences professionally utilizing up to 32bit GPU precision and histogram tool.
  4. Simple and effective User Interface.
  5. Access to royalty-free audio & video content.
  6. Easy timeline editing & trimming features.
  7. Real time ready to use audio & video FX.
  8. Wide file format support including variable frame rate media.


  1. Competition in this market is rising by the hour and this particular software might be struggling to keep up.
  2. This software is missing some of the vital features that are easily available in others, such as a smart analyzer.


Shotcut is one of the many free and open-sourced cross-platformed video editing software available in the market. There are so many features available to this software, that sometimes it can get confusing for a user that is an amateur.

The 4K resolution support is also a notable achievement for a free to use the product.


  1. Supports the latest audio and video formats.
  2. Supports popular image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WebP as well as image sequences.
  3. Supports 4K resolutions.
  4. Audio scopes: loudness, peak meter, waveform, spectrum analyzer.
  5. Multiple audio filters are available for editing.
  6. The tone generator feature is very useful.
  7. Video compositing across video tracks is available for free.
  8. HTML5 (sans audio and video) is used as a video source and for filters.
  9. 360° Video Filters are available.
  10. The drag and drop feature is very useful.
  11. Three-point editing is a superb feature.
  12. Unlimited undo and redo with a history view.

And much more.


  1. Shutdown bugs received by multiple users.
  2. Sometimes, editing certain things can be irritating.
  3. Lacks customer service.


One of the most useful color correction and non-linear editing applications, the DaVinci Resolve is available over three OS platforms, namely the Windows OS, macOS, and Linux.

This application was initially released in the year 2004 and since then it has made great progress in the field of professional editing.

The interface is very easy and simple to use and DaVinci Resolve has definitely resolved to keep it intuitive enough for future generations too. This application allows offline as well as online editing and its free version is the best for advanced product designs.


  1. Create custom subtitles or closed captions.
  2. Stacked Timelines to edit from multiple sources with ease.
  3. Annotation tools to edit directly over the videos.
  4. 2D and 3D templates are available for free use.
  5. FX Keyframes to animate and add plugins.
  6. Advanced Optical Flow for new features.
  7. Advanced Trimming.
  8. Audio Overlays.
  9. Multi-cam editing feature.
  10. Create bins- manually/automatically organizes footage.


  1. It is very time-consuming to add VFX for new users.
  2. Adding simple texts/ titles to video is difficult for computers with low specs.
  3. In short, a powerful computer is required to run this particular application.


This particular open source video editing application was initially released in the year 2008 by OpenShot Studios. This application is available in 70 languages and even supports four operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD. It’s very stable and easy to use software for amateur users.


  1. Cross-platform video editing is available.
  2. Supports multiple videos, audio, and image formats.
  3. Powerful animations are available.
  4. Desktop integration such as Drag and Drop is available.
  5. Unlimited tracks/layers are included.
  6. Video transitioning with real-time previews is available.
  7. Compositing, image overlays, watermarks are easily accessible.
  8. Title templates, title creation, sub-titles are great.
  9. 3D animated titles are very attractive for customers.
  10. Advanced Timeline including many features.
  11. Frame accuracy is readily available.
  12. Time-mapping and speed changes on clips.
  13. Audio mixing and editing.
  14. Digital video effects.


  1. The application is prone to crashes while editing.
  2. Video rendering speed is slow.
  3. Video effects are difficult to control.


Avidemux is a free to use video editing software that delivers all the essential features to its users. This application can support a huge range of video and audio formats to make editing easier. The ease of using this application has made it popular among students and beginners.


  1. A tool to cut, paste, delete, or save parts of a video.
  2. Add logos.
  3. Compress and convert videos to and from any format.
  4. Adding filters and effects to videos.
  5. Offers Scripting capabilities.


  1. Crash problems are very common.
  2. Features are difficult to preview.
  3. Multiple filters are not allowed for editing.


The VSDC editor, developed by Flash-Integro companies, is free to use video editing software that can process high-quality videos as high as 4K resolutions. This application features live color correction along with motion tracking and post-production effects for designs.


  1. Multiple videos and audio formats and codecs are supported.
  2. Powerful Chroma Key tool can be used to remove the green background effortlessly.
  3. A huge collection of video effects, filters, and transitions are available for use.
  4. Popular and useful tools like zoom, charts, 360 video editing, and color correction are available.
  5. A convenient export system makes sharing videos very easy.
  6. Very low system specifications are required to run it.


  1. Some of its important features are not free, which makes the user interface much less convenient.
  2. Professional editors do not use this application as it has a couple of minor flaws in the system.
  3. Processing power is slow.


The Movie Maker is a free video editing software initially developed by Microsoft in the 2000s. It was discontinued due to negative reviews and bugs in the initial software.

The second version of the Moviemaker was released again that gained popularity because of its simple user interface and ease of access. This application is very easy to use for beginners and has much potential for development.


  1. Organizes photos and videos in order to create a movie.
  2. Cutting, joining, cropping, and rotating videos have been made simple.
  3. Add text, transitions, effects, and more manually or automatically.
  4. Sharing videos have been made very easy.
  5. Adding animations is a new feature that new users can apply without any prior experiences with editing software.
  6. Extra video plugins are available.


  1. Application freezing and crashing is very common.
  2. Features limited audio and video tracks.
  3. Video overlaying is not possible through this application.
  4. This application is not made for professional use.


This Lightworks video editing application is the upgraded version of its predecessor and is a much more powerful beast than the former. The application is suited for professional works as it provides the option to create multi format 4K videos on the run with relative ease.

This software is used for video content enhancement by movie makers and social media marketing entrepreneurs.


  1. It supports high resolution media editing features such as 4K resolution videos.
  2. Has a vast range of audio tools to enhance the experience of the viewers.
  3. Exporting videos for YouTube/Vimeo, SD/HD, up to 4K resolutions
  4. Professional precision is a very important feature.
  5. Simple and effective User Interface.
  6. Also allows 3D export.


  1. Brand and Text Overlaying is not possible while editing videos.
  2. Speed Adjustment is not a feature of this application.
  3. The videos can’t be stabilized according to the creator’s satisfaction.
  4. Collaboration with other applications is a liability.


The Hitfilm Express video editor is an advanced editing software that has much to offer inspite of being a free application. This is one the best editing software out there and it definitely deserves to be on this list because of the features that it provides to the users for free.

It contains professional grade VFX tools that makes it perfect for advanced users. This application is an all-rounder and has some of the best free features.


  1. It is basically a professional grade video editing software.
  2. It supports full 2D and 3D video compositing.
  3. Has more than 410+ effects and pre-made sets ready to be applied.
  4. Offers free tutorials on how to use advanced features.
  5. Offers unlimited tracks and transitions.
  6. Available on Windows OS and macOS for free.
  7. Has an advanced audio mixer tool for enhancing the audience experience.


  1. Sometimes it crashes while editing, hence losing the data before it can be saved.
  2. Beginners will find the interface difficult to use.
  3. It requires high powered and better graded hardware to run this application that limits its user base.

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The market for video editing software is very big and there are a lot of software to choose from. However, not all of them can provide the same experience and functionality that these software mentioned in this list can provide to the user.

Be sure to try out the free versions of these latest applications as there is no harm in experimenting with the things that you love to do. Good luck with your editing.