Windows Cannot Run Disk Checking on This Volume Because It Is Write Protected



This is a write-protected disc error, which means you can read the driver but not make any changes to it. In order to fix this issue, you must first remove write protection from the registry editor, then from the diskpart utility.

Method 1: Specifications Made Explicitly Ready to Use

When the disc is marked as Read Only, the problem frequently occurs. It has been identified as a primary contributor in the vast majority of reported incidents. The diskpart utility, which facilitates effective disc management, makes it simple to remove the Read Only characteristic. Here’s what you need to do to remove the Read Only restriction:

Windows Cannot Run Disk Checking on This Volume Because It Is Write Protected

  1. To access the command prompt, select the Start menu and then type “cmd.”
  2. Select Run As Administrator from the context menu of the command prompt.
  3. Once the terminal has been opened, type the following command to access the diskpart tool:


  1. If you’ve already used diskpart, execute this command to see a complete list of your volumes:

list volume

  1. Now, choose the problematic volume by replacing # with the volume whose Read-Only status you wish to remove.

select volume #

  1. Following selection, enter the following command to disable Read Only:

attribute disk clear readonly

  1. Once you’ve done that, execute the following command to see how the disc is functioning right now. The volume’s write protection has been removed if the Ready Only mode option is set to No.

attribute disk

  1. After that, you can try running the disk-checking commands to see if the problem has been resolved.

Method 2: Use Registry Editor to Disable Write Protection

The Registry Editor can be used to disable write protection if the previous method is unsuccessful. The operating system’s registry editor acts as a database in which all of the system’s tasks can be stored and managed. If you disable write protection in the registry editor, this error message might go away. Therefore, do as follows:

  1. To use the Run utility in Windows, press the Windows key plus R.
  2. When prompted, type Regedit and press OK.
  3. When the Registry Editor has loaded, go to the location shown below.


  1. If the Storage Device Policies key isn’t already present, make it so by adding it to the Control
  2. Select New from the context menu of the Control, and then select Key.
  3. When finished, label the new entry “StorageDevicePolicies.”
  4. Click the right pane’s right mouse button, then hover over New, and finally click DWORD (32-bit) Value
  5. If you double-click on a setting labelled “Writeprotect” and set its value to “0,” it will take on that name.
  6. When finished, select the OK button.
  7. You can try running the disk-checking instructions again after a machine restart to see if the problem persists.

Method 3: Fix Disk Problems

This can happen if the destination drive has a disc problem of any kind. You may free your mind from worrying about a disc issue by running a few simple tasks. Not even examining the drive for bad sectors was able to help, but we’ve exhausted every other option.

We’ll use chkdsk, a command-line application for detecting disc issues and validating the integrity of the system files in the destination volume, to do so. Get started by reading these instructions:

  1. To open the command prompt, hit the Windows key and type cmd.
  2. Use the terminal’s right-click menu to access administrative mode and then run the programme.
  3. After it has been started, you can enter the following command to examine the disc for errors and damaged areas.

chkdsk D: /f /r /x

  1. Don’t fret if the tool detects problems; it will take care of them mechanically.
  2. When you are finished, you should verify if the fault persists.

There are three potential causes of failure to remove write protection after attempting the aforementioned procedures. Among these risks is the possibility that your drive is encrypted. A decryption key will be required in that instance in order to access the encrypted data on the drive.

A second possibility is that a virus on the drive itself will not allow you to write the content or use the commands. In this instance, external anti-virus software can be used to check a storage device.

A third potential cause is that some other programme has your drive protected from being written to. Using that programme again to disable the write protection would be helpful. If any of these apply to your case, then you should use the approach we outlined above.

Method 4: Examine Your Disc

If you want to scan the drive before using it, here’s how to do so.

  1. In File Explorer, right-click the problematic drive and select “Verify Correct Operation.”
  2. To access the tools, first open the Properties menu.
  3. Pick the Check box
  4. Select Yes if prompted by the UAC.
  5. The next step is to select Scan Drive, and then to sit tight while the device is scanned.

If none of these approaches worked for you it’s conceivable that your drive is corrupted or encrypted. It’s possible that your disc is physically destroyed, in which case you’ll need to get in touch with a local data recovery service to get your data back.

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