Is ‘CTF Loader’ A Malware or Virus?

CTF Loader

Are you having the issue of slowing down your device? Whenever you are launching your task manager, everyone you get a program CTF.exe running there.

You may wonder why you are having this program running in your device while opening task manager. You may think that this program is a virus or malware which results in the slow down of your device.

Let’s move to find out what is CTF loader. We will explain you everything about it and will also tell you why this CTF loader is running in your device. So let’s get started to our article to find them out.

CTF Loader

Is CTF Loader a Virus

First of all let me clear your doubt, CTF loader is neither any of the virus or malware. CTF stands for Collaborative Translation Framework which is a process which used by users of Windows who takes use of input applications like translation of keyboard to put text in your device, putting handwriting and recognizing speech.

Even Windows takes use of the CTF loader in order to activate the language bar of Microsoft office which allows you to switch from one input language to another which is present in your Windows operating system.

most commonly the CTF not badly affects the performance of your device at all. It runs without any interruption in the background. But it can be a part of the problem in case, it is making your device slow and taking use of a lot of resources of your CPU.

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How To Fix Issues of CTF Loader

So, if your are experiencing issue in the performance of your device created by CTF loader then for you we have provided you some tips to try in order to fix problems of CTF loader and make your device to perform well. So let’s have a look on them.

Method 1: Check for Windows Update

The first solution which you can perform in case your device is getting slow down and is not performing well is checking for the Update of Windows.

Sometimes it may be possible that the old version of Windows which you are having in your device may contain an error or bug which is causing CTF loader to make your device not performing well.

In order to fix this, you can try to check for the update of Windows as Microsoft can fix many of the issues and can provide the patch to find out the issue. So in such case, you can go through the steps mentioned below in order to do so –

Step 1: First of all open your Start menu by pressing the Windows logo key.

Step 2: Then open the Settings of Windows by selecting the icon of Gear present on the Start menu.

Step 3: Then select the option Update & Security.

Step 4: At last, sleeve the option Windows Update in order to automatically check for the update on your device.

Step 5: Then go through the instructions provided on your device in order to install the update if it is available. Then open your Task Manager to check if ctf.exe is resolved by doing so.

Although in case, the issue is still persisting related to the CTF loader then you can try our next solution present below.

Method 2: Use Task Scheduler

In case, the previous method is not working for you, then you must try to use your Task Scheduler in fix the issue related to the CTF loader. It will prevent CTF to run in the background. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to use the task scheduler –

Step 1: First of all open your Run Command box by pressing the combination of keys Windows key + R simultaneously.

Step 2: Then put the below-mentioned command and hit the Enter key in order to launch Windows Task Scheduler –


Step 3: Now select option Task Scheduler Library.

Step 4: Select the Microsoft folder present at the side menu.

Step 5: Select the Windows option.

Step 6: Go down of screen then select option TextServicesFramework.

Step 7: At last select option MsCtfMonitor then click on Disable option.

Then restart your device for once and open Task Manager and check if it is fixed now.

Method 3: Disable Touch Keyboard Function

In case your device is not having a feature of touch screen or in case you don’t use this feature then you should disable the Window permanently.

As if you disable the touch disable then it will also stop the CTF loader and it will not run in the background all the time on your device. In order to disable this feature of Touch Keyboard then follow the steps mentioned below –

Step 1: First of all launch the Run Command box by pressing the combination of keys Windows key + R.

Step 2: Then put the command services.msc in the text field and select the OK option.

Step 3: Then find out the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service from Windows Services then double click that option.

Step 4: At last from the General tab set your Startup type into Disabled then select the OK option to save all changes.

Restart your device once they run your Task Manager to check you are not having the CTF loader which is running in the background. In case, you are still noticing the CTF loader running in the background even after you disable the function of the touch keyboard then you can go for our next method which is mentioned below.

Method 4: Scan Windows for Malware and Viruses

Most of the time the exact reason for your device to get slow down is the presence of viruses and malware.

In case you are noticing any of the processes which is suspicious and is running in the background consuming most of the resources of your system, then it can truly infect your device.

In order to get rid of this issue, you can take use of the Defender of Windows to find out the files which are suspicious in your device by scanning it. Go through the steps mentioned below to do so –

Step 1: First of all search your Windows Defender by pressing the combination of keys Windows key + S.

Step 2: Then click on Windows Defender to open it.

Step 3: From the scan options, click on the full option then select scan now.

Step 4: Then at last wait until the scan gets completed then restart your device for once.

When your system gets rebooted, move back to the Task Manager to check there is no suspicious process running in the background of your device and consuming more resource of your device. If there is no such process then you have removed it successfully to eliminate virus and malware from your device.

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Some people are still confused about what is CTF Loader and what is it? Whether it is a Virus or a Malware? And why you are having this on your device. We have tried to solve all your doubts related to CTF Loader in this article.

A lot of users have many questions related to it. We hope you all will get your answers related to it at the last of our article.